December 12, 2015

Eye Care You Can Trust

Your eyes work hard for you, all day, every day. At Queen Anne Eye Clinic, we give your eyes the care and attention they deserve, with comprehensive eye exams and ongoing support for a range of eye conditions.
Not sure between “1” or “2”?  Maybe the correct lens power exists between the two? We can utilize the Zeiss iProfiler to fine tune your eyeglass prescription.  Instead of using 0.25 increments, we can prescribe to 0.01 increments for the most precise vision possible!
We carry a huge selection of stylish frames to choose from, and in most cases you’ll have your custom-made lenses in only about a week. We also fit a wide variety of contact lenses.
Whatever the reason for your visit, you can count on us for the highest-quality care, affordable prices, and excellent service. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our clinic!
Call us at (206) 282-8120 to schedule your first appointment.
Eric Bergstrom, O.D.
Philip Lo, O.D.